Print + Events
Whether it’s the billboard at Wynyard station, an event at The Star or a major trade show/expo at the International Convention Centre we can capture your audience’s attention. Our out of the box thinking and ideas are unique and with the added benefit of having various printing partners we can bring those to life!

Promoting your business has become complicated but we have taken the guesswork out when it comes to advertising. With so many channels or options it can be hard to determine which channels would be most effective to reach the right target market. We can ensure your advertising resonates with customers and help you get your ad in front of the right people.

Events & Tradeshows

More than meets the eye when it comes to organising exhibitions and trade shows, it’s not just about booking a space or having a table stand. We can ensure you get the exposure you need in order to gain the attention and trust of that potential customer. Creating memorable experiences that deliver results is what we focus on to reach your audience before and after the event is completed.

Product Packaging

Got a great new idea but don’t know how to develop it or package it?

It’s more common than you think but usually it comes down to packaging.

We examine your value proposition and create packaging that reflects the key benefits or presents you brand in the best light. So whether you are a retailer or manufacturers looking to revamp their packaging or need advice on market viability before launching the new product we can help.

Commercial Printing

Having well designed marketing collateral is the first step of creating a professional business, the next step is print. After designing your artwork now you need a reliable printer but don’t have the time or aware of what would quality would be suitable. Well our team has put together a group of printing partners who can produce high quality print items at a competitive agency discounted prices. We provide large and small format printing to help your brand STANDOUT!

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