Marketing Strategy
When it comes to developing a clear strategy we can’t ignore the data or feedback. We assess your digital footprint and the content you produce and communicate to your customers and assess the best way forward to ensure your message is clear and targets the right audience.
Marketing Plan

When is the last time you looked at your marketing plan? We will help your business develop a structured marketing plan to properly market your business both short term and long term. When writing a marketing plan you need to be clear about your marketing KPIs, expenditure, promotions and goals.

Our marketing plans include short term and long term forecasts whilst providing an in-depth look into key marketing strategies to grow the business. Gone are the days of the marketing plan that sits idle in a filing cabinet, we ensure the plan is practical and relevant.

Brand Audit

Brand consistency is important when it branding resonates with customers mind so it’s vital to ensure it’s sending a clear message. Creating a brand is only step one of the process. The next step is how to communicate it effectively to engage an audience.

We conduct a brand audit to provide a current analysis based on long term success and strategy development. The audit provides recommendations and brainstorming sessions relating to the product/service or for a complete rebrand. Once we’ve understood the brand opportunities, the competitive landscape and how best to engage with the target audience, we then build a brand strategy based our research and the business value/goals.

Digital Strategy

Digital marketing continues to become a major part for many growing businesses and provides a roadmap of targeting the right audience online. So can you ensure your business is putting its best foot forward online? It’s simple when you’re obsessed with technology and marketing like us.

Our team of digital experts can ensure your business has the right strategy before rolling out online by testing and staying agile. We measure online traffic, analytics, customer trends, CRMs, online platforms, customer data and digital collateral to provide a streamlined digital strategy. This will result in reaching the customers more effectively through the right online channels and be able to track the returns from your digital marketing investment.

Content Strategy

Developing a complete content strategy across various channels; digital, print media, outdoor or product sampling requires various expertise, which we can deliver. When it comes to your content, we can select the right channels, create unique ideas and execute the plan of attack to launch a successful and measurable campaign.

Our team can eliminate the stress of launching or reintroducing your brand to a targeted audience. We use best practice for your content whether it be for a simple updates or targeted marketing campaigns.

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