Digital Marketing
Being online is not a choice anymore it is now essential for most businesses to survive a fast growing marketplace. With the growing reliance on mobile and digital marketing platforms it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and methodologies. We can help your business reach customers through various digital channels and connect your business online.
Online Campaigns

Increasing online traffic to your brand through search engines such as Google & Bing can grow your business but like everything it takes time. We can help you convert online visitors into customers and drive traffic to your website. Developing custom landing pages, improving your SEO, rolling out SEM campaigns (PPC & CPC), Google “My Business” Updates or even bringing digital and creative together can prove the difference in online success.

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat are not only a popular medium for customers but an effective marketing when implemented correctly. It can significantly increase your brand awareness or sales overnight.

More importantly, social media marketing for business should ideally encompass a more holistic approach as part of a broader digital and content strategy. So whether you are looking for influencers to promote your brand or run social media campaigns we have you covered.

Email & SMS Marketing

Email and SMS marketing is a great way to target the masses cost effectively. Email marketing can influence new opportunities, measures existing customer through highly relevant and engaging campaigns. Leveraging the subscribers’ profiles, behaviour and lifecycle events, we can deliver highly targeted, personalised messages and measure its performance.

SMS marketing is a great way to gain the attention of the audience on their mobile phone. With everyone glued to their phones these days we can track and monitor the success of your sms marketing campaign and should be part of your digital ecosystem.

Website Design & Development

A well designed and user friendly website is an organisations best salesperson: it works 24 hours a day to promote the business, 7 days a week in every corner of the globe and never asks for a sickie!

Depending on the goals of a business we can design a basic or highly customised mobile friendly and responsive website that uses the latest CMS systems to reach an audience online. Plus we can manage your website hosting and domain registration. We are experts when it comes to e-commerce and corporate websites.

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