About Us
Campaign Bug is a dynamic digital and creative marketing agency that not only delivers results based marketing services on demand by eliminating the traditional agency approach to client services. We deliver clear and concise strategies across digital and creative platforms.
 To always deliver a genuine and customised marketing services that focuses on ROI and helps grow our clients’ business.

Campaign Bug is a full service digital and creative agency built on data driven strategies, creativity and a hands on approach to marketing. We’ve serviced some of Australia’s leading brands since 2013. We’re a team of hand-picked digital and creative experts all of whom have exceeded in their roles. Our agency excels in delivery unique marketing campaigns, brand awareness, data driven marketing strategies to help your brand grow or improve your bottom line.

Why Us?

Our agency was created to service the marketing needs of Australian SMEs whilst growing their business. Many businesses at the time were finding it difficult to navigate around the vast marketing platforms and channels for their businesses. We developed a marketing solution that provides access to a wide range of marketing services on demand within our clients’ budget. Delivering a wide range of services all under the one roof, is what we do best minus the $$ price tag. We get hands on to compliment or become your dedicated marketing team.

Our Values

Understanding the REAL needs of our clients allows us to only provide only suitable solutions. When we commit, we will support them through the entire process.

Staying ahead of the game is critical. Capturing a customers attention in ways never considered before is what drives us. We will explore every opportunity!

Keeps us ahead of the game and ensure our clients’ marketing captures their customers attention in ways never considered before. Having our finger on the pulse ensures we will explore every opportunity.

We facilitate regular communication by setting up regular meetings with our team and clients’ so that we brainstorm new solutions and formulate ideas whilst highlighting the steps we will undertake to achieve the common goal.

Matching people with the right problem-solving experiences that challenge or stretch them intellectually. We focus on enhancing creativity to deliver the message that can enhance the audience’s experience.

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Marketing Manager

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testimonial-team (Demo)
Marketing Manager

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The Tribe
Our experienced team of Sydney based marketing specialists help deliver a streamline marketing solution. We have brought together a team of experts based on client demands or on an individual project basis. We are a new breed of marketing agency and we are here to change the game.

We’d love to work with you

richie shawl
Marketing Director
Richie gets his hands dirty in search of the right strategy. He assess the clients’ challenges, their marketplace and goals in order to provide a clear and effective solution for every brief.
vikram shawl
Account Director
Communicating to our clients is crucial part of my role as it allows me to channel the expertise we have as an agency to ensure our clients’ receive the results and service they expect.
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Client Services Manager
Everyday brings a new challenge; workflows, reviewing, designing or managing our client’s expectations the focus remains on ensuring we excel in all areas every time.
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Digital Marketing Manager

Chris is an experienced and highly enthusiastic digital marketer who is passionate about creating strong digital strategies for each of his clients.

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